Monday, August 20, 2012

Sale Time...

State fair is over.  The show heifers are turned out to be cows.  The laundry is caught up.  We are all rested up.  The babes have went back to school.  So we are starting to get on a schedule.  Mr. M is starting harvest at work.  And that means sale time. Not only for us but for many people that raise and sell show cattle and cows. 

The catalogs have started coming in the mail.  And we have started talking as a family about what we want to show.  HAHA, Simmental of course!  Going to a sale is so much fun.  We go as family and get to visit with everyone.

This is the second year for our family sale.  It will be September 9th.  The calves are pulled. They are adjusting to being under the fans all day. They have been started on show feed and halter breaking has started.  They have had their first baths and been clipped for the first time.  They have had their shots.  And are adjusting to yet another way of life for them.

Having the sale is a lot of time, work and patience.  But well worth the rewards.  And it's fun going to a show and knowing you had something to do with that calf coming into the world and being what it is today.


Jent said...

Can't wait to see what you guys have this year!

Dawson Cattle Company said...

We should have photos and videos up by the end of the week. I have started putting photos on my FB page if you want a peek! Thank you!