Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fair Time

We are more than half way through our fair.  The weather has been awesome for the kids and animals, until today.  The dairy show is today and it's supposed to be 102!  Tonight we take our cattle in for the beef show tomorrow.  We were supposed to start at 9, but now due to heat we are starting at 8.  Several of the parents are doing things to try and keep the kids hydrated while showing.

I have taken pictures all week for the kids and it's been fun.  I love the expressions on their faces.  And how the parents get so excited about how they think that their child should be doing something different. 

I am excited for our family tomorrow.  Our Little Miss is attending her first county fair.  And that means that all 4 of the Dawson kids will be showing.  Our two are extremely excited!  Their daddy cannot make it due to work.  So I will be taking lots of pictures.

Good luck to everyone in their 4-H projects.  I hope you all have fun and learn something new.


Sarah said...

Very excited that all of your kids will be showing! Not so fun about the heat but glad they moved the show up to get the kids and the animals out of the heat sooner.

The Coolidges said...

So fun! The fair that I showed at in high school was the 2nd week of July. Lots and lots of water!!

Buttons said...

Oh this has to be brutal in the heat. Be safe and I am sure the kids will do great enjoy. Life sure is busy:) B

Ellen said...

I can't wait for our guys to exhibit livestock at the fair! This year will be our first round with Kiddie Showmanship, So Excited! Good luck to your family... cooling off in the wash racks was always my fav!:)