Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project Time!

Sorry for not posting. We have been getting buckets of rain rail lately. We got almost 2 inches in one day!
Anyway, we have been busy getting projects ready for Garrett's first year in 4-H. He is doing Safe Shooters, Cattle, Sheep and Hogs. So we have his posterboard ready and now its time to start clipping everything.
The posterboard is due on thursday. And then next week is the actual fair. Sheep on sunday and monday. Hogs on tuesday and cattle on fri. With an auction on tuesday and friday.
It's a little stressfull with Marks new job and getting everything ready. But I am volunteering my time to take pictures for the kids again. So i'm a little nervous. All should be good!

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Sarah said...

Good luck taking the pictures!