Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where to begin. Each year we give the kids a heifer. The idea being that when we sell the calves from these calves, that is 4-H money. Or if we keep the calf, the kids will have a small herd when they head out on their own.
Mahlias heifer lost her calf 60 days early. It was the heifer she was hoping for. So we are gonna try again. Shes with the bull now. Garretts heifer didnt breed. So we sold her. He used his money and bought a new heifer. I will have to get good photos of her sometime. Luckily one of our donor cows gave us a beautiful heifer. So the fun begins next month with babies everywhere. I will try and get photos so you can enjoy the wonderfullness of the experience with us.

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